Internet Reunion

Alright, I REALLY do not mean to be spamming everyone today, but I’ve had a whole new surreal OKCupid experience that I can’t not share.

Tonight I was going through my “visitors,” and there was one whose username caught my eye. For the sake of privacy, let’s call him “jdoe89,” where “j” is his first initial, “doe” is the beginning of his last name, and 89 is presumably the year of his birth.
I went to school with a James Doeski*, who was in my sister’s class, and whose father owned the busses I rode to school on.
Doeski and I weren’t friends, didn’t interact, whatever, in school. He was a couple years older, we ran in different circles, and I was in my emo phase, so whatever.

But I was freaked out. I had never accidentally found (or been found by) someone I know on OKCupid! Was this “jdoe89” James Doeski from highschool?
Yes. Yes he was.
(I looked him up on facebook, and he was using the same picture for both profiles)

But, who cares? Everyone is on OKCupid. Lots of people visit my profile who never message me, so I figured he was just passing through. I went on with my night

Then I got a message from him. Here we go:

jdoe89: Hi :) I never ever know how to approach these things, but I noticed you like Magic and Game of Thrones and good music and I wanna get to know you real bad haha. Message me if you wanna chat; I’d like that 
me: Hi.  This is so weird. I’m sorry. I’m from [the town you used to live in], and I’m almost certain we were on the same bus to [the out of town high school we both went to] (the short bus, if I recall correctly). 
But yeah, I play Magic. I have a few pretty decent decks. Nothing too scary (not killing people in three turns with half a land, or anything like that), but pretty good in casual play. Just finished reading Dance With Dragons a couple weeks ago, totally pumped for season of GoT 3 to air (but bummed about having to wait until March :/ )
jdoe89: Yeahh, I’m a little bummed about waiting too. I apologize tho, I don’t seem to remember you from the bus. A name might help? And no need to apologize, it’s kinda interesting haha
me: [My Name]. My sister, [Her Name], was in your class?

And then he deleted his account. 



*Name has been changed